Mortgage Balance

January 31st, 2018
Interest Only Mortgage €97.288
Savings Mortgage* €80.000
Annuity Mortgage €108.447,41
Linear Mortgage €5.207,31
Total Mortgage €290.943,12
Savings balance attached to Savings Mortgage* €14.596,49
Total Mortgage including Savings in Savings Mortgage €276.346,63

27,37% of the mortgage is now paid off, we have 72,63% still outstanding.

We purchased our house in December 2016 for €380.000 

* The €80.000 mortgage remains outstanding until the end of the 30-year loan. Attached to this mortgage is a blocked savings account where we save for 30 years and receive the same interest as the interest rate that we’re paying on the mortgage. After 30 years there is €80.000 in the account and we pay that part of the mortgage off.