Back from Berlin

We had a really good time in Berlin. This was despite the fact that there is no new world record and J. did not run a new personal best. He did run his second best time overall (3:36) and he was happy with the result! Today I want to share a little recap of our trip to Berlin.

2017-09-24 20.16.33
J.’s medal after finishing the marathon


We arrived around noon in Berlin on Friday and checked into the hotel. In the afternoon we first went to the marathon expo so J. could pick up his start number. The marathon expo was so busy, it looked like all the stuff was given away for free! J. also bought an Adidas t-shirt but we left quickly because there were so many people there. Afterwards we went to see East Side Gallery. The weather was really nice so we also enjoyed just sitting by the water for a while and listening to a street musician. We had a good schnitzel for dinner and got back to the hotel relatively early because we were quite tired from traveling.


There was a special breakfast run organized for all marathon runners and their supporters. I joined in too for the 6K run and it was fun for me to be able to run in Berlin. We finished in the Olympic Stadium and we got a free breakfast afterwards.

2017-09-23 10.15.13
Finishing the Breakfast Run in the Olympic Stadium

In the afternoon we visited Checkpoint Charlie. At 5PM we had received some further information about the marathon from the travel organisation and we had dinner at an Italian place after. J. loaded up carbs on his pasta and I had a pizza, which wasn’t good so I only ate half of it.

Sunday – Race Day!

On Sunday we had to wake up very early for the marathon (6.15 AM). There were lots of marathon runners in our hotel so the breakfast room was packed. During the race it rained for quite some time, which wasn’t very fun for us as supporters but it didn’t bother J. too much. He was well on schedule to run a new personal best until the 30KM mark, but then he struggled to keep up and finished in 3:36. I am still very proud of him! I ran a half marathon once this year and I will keep it at that! Sunday night we had an easy meal close to the hotel and we went back early to sleep.

Monday – The Day After

J. was quite sore from the race, especially walking down stairs. So we took it easy and slept in a little. After we checked out of the hotel we visited the Stasi Museum and had some lunch and coffee afterwards. Our flight back left 5.30 PM so we left for the airport around 3PM. It was quite a special flight with again lots of marathon runners on it and also Wilson Kipsang, a previous world record holder on the marathon. There were a lot of people coming up to him for autographs and pictures during our waiting time at the gate. We arrived around 7PM at the airport in Amsterdam and ate dinner there at the airport before we traveled home.

What About the Money?

So how much did this weekend cost us? As I mentioned in my previous post, we had to go through a travel organisation in order to participate because we didn’t get an entrance ticket through the lottery. During the weekend we spent a total of €316,65. This was mostly for food and transportation. We didn’t have coffee or tea at the hotel and it rained quite a lot, so we did spend a bit more on coffees than we normally would. Also we did spend more on subway tickets than normal. Normally we walk a lot on city trips, but this time J. had to avoid his legs getting to tired before the race. I did manage to get in 20.000 steps in each day, so we weren’t entirely successful on that front. Other than that, I’m quite happy with the amount of money spent during the weekend. It averaged €79,16 a day. We had budgeted €400 for spending during the trip, so we remained well below budget.

Overall this Berlin marathon trip was a success. We had a great time together and it was fun to be surrounded by so many athletic people all weekend.




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