Off to Berlin!


Berlin Marathon

Tomorrow J. and I will leave on a weekend trip to Berlin! J. is going to run the marathon there on Sunday so that is the main goal for the trip. I’ve been to Berlin a few times already but it will be the first time for him. Berlin is the fastest marathon in the world so I’m secretly hoping to be witness to a new world record… J. has finished four marathons in the past, but I’m still nervous and excited for this one. J. has a goal of one day running the Boston marathon, but he will have to better his time considerably to qualify for that. Hopefully he will be able to improve his time, but most importantly I hope he has fun doing the race as well.


So what is the financial impact of this trip going to be? More people want to run the Berlin marathon than there are available spots so there is a lottery for entrance tickets. J. lucked out and got no ticket in the lottery so we had to use a travel agency to participate. This made it far more costly than if we could’ve arranged everything on our own. So far we’ve spent €1265,50. €160 is the race entrance fee and €30 is for the marathon t-shirt. The rest is for the flights, the hotel for three nights and the travel agency. We’ve set aside €400 for further spending in Berlin. This is mostly for transportation, lunch, dinner and some sightseeing. I honestly don’t think we’ll spend all of that but I also don’t want to be too strict with ourselves. It’s going to be our first vacation this year so I’m really looking forward to it!


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