Frugality and Environmental Concerns


Frugality and taking care of the environment can go together well. If you buy less stuff, or buy more stuff used, it is helping the environment, while also being the frugal option as well. Replacing meat with lentils or chickpeas is also better for the environment and your wallet. The same goes for using less energy and water.

However, there are also instances where frugality and being an environmentally conscious consumer do not go as well. For example, we’re trying to use less plastic and the cheaper knäckebröd we normally eat has a lot of plastic. We’ve found an alternative, but it’s more expensive. Buying organic milk, eggs and meat is also more expensive. Our supermarket also sells cleaning supplies that use recycled plastics, but they are more expensive.

We spend around €400 on groceries for two people and I’m even embarrassed to write it down. However, I value eating some stuff organic and we eat a lot of fruit and vegetables which also cost more than cheaper stuff. On the other hand we can afford it to make these choices, and I feel like because of this reason, we should decide to maybe spend a bit more and delay financial independence by a few years but trying to do well by the environment in the meantime. I do struggle with this and where I draw the line. How do you balance being frugal but also environmentally friendly if it costs more to do so?


3 thoughts on “Frugality and Environmental Concerns

  1. I have written a similar post about my own battle with my grocery spending… Like you, I like to by local and organic when I can, but it can be so expensive! And I do want to be frugal… I haven’t found the solution yet myself, so if you figure it out, let me know! 🙂


    1. Yes! So far I try to choose organic for the things that I feel make the most difference, mostly for animal products it’s a non-negotiable. For other stuff it depends on how much I’ve got left in the grocery budget…

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