Week in Review

Lunch at the park on Wednesday

As I mentioned in my introduction post, I would like to share not just numbers but also some more things about my life in the meantime.

This week I received some good news on a work project that I’m working on. My work needed to be assessed by some independent body and my project got the highest possible score. They advised to continue without making any changes, so that was really nice. A lot of people congratulated me on it, also the top boss of my department, so that was some nice exposure. I do feel somewhat weird about it because sometimes you can get a bad review even if it’s not because of something you did wrong. Anyways, I’ll take the win for this time!

On Wednesday I took a day off from work because the weather forecast was really nice and I still have a lot of vacation days left over. I really enjoyed the day by going for a long walk in nearby park. I also had lunch there, which was not the most frugal choice, but I had heard lots of good stories about it so wanted to go check it out. To be honest, I ordered a salad and it was okay, but nothing I couldn’t have made myself. Still I really enjoyed the beautiful day and just felt very grateful that I could take a day off with such short notice.

A notable expense this week was a new screen for my iPhone SE. I accidentally dropped my phone two weeks ago and the screened was all cracked. My phone is only a year old so I preferred to fix it rather than buy a new one. That turned out to be quite expensive, €189 in total, blegh! A colleague had her phone fixed at a random corner shop but her screen wouldn’t lock when she was on a call anymore after that, resulting in dropping calls. So I went to an official Apple retailer, but I was less than happy with the price and the duration that I had to go without my phone. I got my phone back on Saturday. From here on out I’ll be even more careful with my phone, what a waste of money!

Saturday night we had a BBQ with some friends and it was really nice. These last summer days feel like a gift! On Saturday afternoon the weather was still nice and we went for a run in the morning (separately). In the afternoon we did a bike ride of around 30km. We brought our own coffee with us, and treated ourselves with an ice cream at the end of our tour.







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